Joyful Haven for Tomorrow

At Care Angels Supported Living, we specialise in providing exceptional supported living services for young individuals aged 16 and up. Our focus is on guiding these young adults as they step confidently towards independence. With a keen emphasis on addressing their distinct needs, we champion empowerment and nurture a welcoming environment that enhances life's experience. Join us in creating pathways to independence that are as fulfilling as they are empowering. At Care Angels Supported Living, we are committed to easing the crucial transition into adulthood. Specialising in nurturing independent living skills, we cater to young individuals aged 16 and above, laying a solid groundwork for a positive future. We offer a compassionate and supportive environment, particularly for those exiting care or within the foster system. Our inclusive services are designed to embrace and support individuals with diverse needs, including learning difficulties, autism, and more.

our work process

Holistic Growth Program for
Exceptional Children

Individualized Support

Tailoring care and education to meet the unique needs of each child, ensuring a personalized approach to growth and development.

Inclusive Environment

Fostering an atmosphere where all children, regardless of abilities, feel welcomed, accepted, and encouraged to participate in various activities..

Therapeutic Intervention

Providing specialized interventions and therapies to address specific challenges, supporting children in overcoming obstacles and reaching their full potential.

Holistic Development

Nurturing the physical, emotional, social, and cognitive aspects of a child's growth to promote a well-rounded and comprehensive approach to development.

We create an environment that’s beyond your imagination